Food Facts

                   Food Facts 3D Box mit Karten

Which nutrients do we consume daily in our food? Food Facts offers a playful and entertaining introduction into this topic, and also sparks an interest among people who may normally not care about the subject.

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In the game the players have to guess and compare nutritional values ​​of different kinds of food. For example the following questions have to be answered:

Do hazelnuts or chocolate have a higher fat content? Are there more carbohydrates in rice or potatoes? Does a trout or a pork tenderloin contain more protein? Are cherries or ketchup more sugary? Is there a higher amount of fiber in peas or bananas? Do almonds or honey contain more calories? Is the water content higher in mushrooms or apples?
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The multilingual sort game is designed for two to six players aged 10 and up, with the playing time of about 15 minutes.